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Vision & Strategy
Europtronic Group, a SGX-listed company headquartered in Singapore, has key businesses in electronic components manufacturing and distribution. The Group has a strong geographical presence in the People’s Republic of China, as well as offices around Asia - Hong Kong and Taiwan, to be near its target markets.

We are dedicated to:
Operating the company on a sound financial basis that creates maximum value for our shareholders and stakeholders.
Recognising our wider responsibilities to the society by ensuring we do everything responsibly, safely and environmentally friendly.
To achieve this, the four elements of our strategy are:
1 Focus on Core Competencies
We concentrate on what we do best and specialise in it. Europtronic has been focusing on developing a comprehensive range of film capacitors that cater to our customers needs.
2 A One-Stop Solution Provider
Through the evolution of our business model over the years, especially in the advancement of 3 ‘C’ (computing, consumer and communication) products; high power and energy-saving industrial products.Europtronic has aligned the company’s interests more closely with that of its customers, who are not only sourcing for high-quality products, but also preferring to transact with a select few established component suppliers.
3 Emphasis on Human Resources
We recognise the most important corporate resource is talent. That is why our human resources strategy is aligned with the corporate business strategy. We continue to build a pipeline of management talent, drawing and retaining them from within, and attracting them from outside of Europtronic. They bring with them different management styles, skills and experience necessary to help us grow.
4 Create Internal Growth
We anchor our growth on our in-house manufacturing and distribution businesses. However, our investment evaluations are an on-going process and we are always looking for opportunities to invest into companies that have synergies and appeal, which will ultimately create shareholder value.
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