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Subsidiaries & Associated Companies
Europtronic Components Manufacturing
Europtronic Components Manufacturing is one of Asia’s premier manufacturers of film capacitors. With factories in Shenzhen and Suzhou, China, it manufactures its own brand of film capacitors which are widely used in end-market applications such as industrial inverters, solar and wind energy generators, UPS and SMPS, industry induction heaters, electric welding machines, consumer electronic products and peripherals.

Housing Technology Corp Ltd
Housing Technology Corp. Ltd. is engaged in production of chip inductors and chip beads which are used in various electronic devices such as PCs, laptops, wireless LAN cards, routers, LCD TVs, and home entertainment systems. Housing Technology Corp. Ltd. is based in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Housing Technology Corp. Ltd. operates as a subsidiary of Europtronic Group Ltd.

UPT Crypson
UPT Crypson Component (Shanghai) Co. Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Europtronic Group Ltd, is one of the leading distributors of electronic components in Asia.

Europtronic Green Energy - Floral Architect
Floral Architect specializes in the sale of premium quality Phalaenopsis Orchids. Established in early 2012, Floral Architect provides services not only as a supplier and wholesale distributor but also as a venue décor consultant for beautiful floral arrangements with phalaenopsis orchids for all occasions, from weddings and graduation ceremonies, to corporate events and meetings.
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