End Market Applications

Europtronic’s Product Applications can be divided into major market segments. Each of these has a list of end products and circuit functions that provide access to tables with technical specifications and datasheet links for key components. This enables you to identify Europtronic components for specific applications.


From large equipment such as MRI and X-ray machines to ventilators, as well as the advent of telemedicine, Europtronic’s many safe, high performance and reliable electronic components are designed to use in the medical equipment and connecting devices. For example, in the MRI equipment and patient monitoring systems, capacitors, crystal and SMPS are generally used.


As the world progress into interconnected virtual place, the platform of interrelated telecommunications products, computing devices, mechanical and digital machines and systems prove to be ever more important to enable this connectivity. For example, the smartphones have built in compact electronic components for voice communications, social media interaction, navigation, and imaging. Europtronic range of products such as film capacitors, crystals, photocouplers, optical switch, and adapter are commonly used in these telecommunications products that enable this connectivity.

Renewable Energy

There are high demands for long-life, highly reliable capacitors for renewable energy applications such as solar and wind power. Europtronic film capacitors support the continual evolution of high-voltage renewable energy and smart grid technologies.


Europtronic film capacitors are widely used in the industrial sector, from factory automation to high power energy conversion in utility base stations. They are used in AC motor drives, power transmission and distribution, solar and wind power systems, lighting ballasts, and more. Europtronic distributed products are also used in the industrial sector, for example, factory automation systems can use power ICs, diodes, optoelectronic products, resistors, inductors, and other electronic components.