Mission & Values

With Covid-19, we observe new trends in the world of work, such as remote working and the ability to manage teams virtually to conduct business have become the new norms. Embracing these new challenges, we are adapting the way we do business in order to stay ahead in this highly uncertain business environment, while keeping pace with shifting customer and end-consumer expectations. To us, change is nothing new. Our vision remains focused on being a premier supplier of high quality electronic components to our customers through an efficient and effective supply chain management.

Progress – Charting The Way Forward 

With post Covid-19 pandemic, we see the rise of contact-free economy, particular in the areas of digital commerce, telemedicine, and automation. With our record of accomplishment in the global electronics industry, especially in the computing, consumer, communication, and industrial segments, we will continue to forge ahead exploring new markets and identifying growth opportunities to maximize our shareholders’ returns.

Partnerships – Nurturing The Ties That Bind 

Today, partnerships are, if anything, even more important than before. The quality of the partnerships between companies, with our colleagues, with our stakeholders, with our suppliers and affiliates - and most importantly with our customers – underpin how much we can achieve collectively as an company, at present and in the future. Creating long term, meaningful relationships of mutual benefits that are based on trust, is our raison d’etre from the beginning and continues to be so today.

People – Our Strength, Our Competitive Advantage

Any company is only as good as the people it keeps. People are our strength, and our key source of differentiation from competition. We are conscious that the Europtronic brand and reputation are in some way connected to the talents and behaviors of our people, who are from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Europtronic’s success attributes to its family-like corporate culture we share today. The company is both an academy and a home to its employees. Here, everyone is given the opportunity to be creative, taught the right tools and skills to perform, and given the necessary space to learn and grow. We are proud that many of our employees who ‘graduated’ from Europtronic have embarked successful careers in Fortune 500 Enterprises, particularly in the internet, energy, components, and banking sectors.