Company Info

Europtronic is a premier manufacturer and distributor of electronic components in Asia. It manufactures film capacitors including general-purpose film capacitors, interference suppression capacitors (X2), snubber capacitors, DC Link capacitors and AC capacitors.

As an established distributor of electronic components, Eurotpronic represents international brands, including Sharp, River, DiCon and AiSHi Capacitors. In addition to Europtronic in-house brand of film capacitors, the company also distributes other active and passive components such as fuses, resistors, capacitors, inductors, crystals, opto-devices, and power modules.

Leveraging on the agility to provide customized product solutions to our customers, Europtronic has successfully served the industrial, medical, consumer electronics, automotive and renewable energy markets for more than 30 years. Europtronic is headquartered in Singapore with operations in Hong Kong, Taipei, and London.